April 04, 2018

The "Ides of March" refers to the assassination of Julius Caesar on March 15, 44 BC. He was murdered by a group of Roman senators who believed him to be a Tyrant with aspirations to end the Roman Republic and appoint himself Emperor. 

The news of Caesar's death was not well received or viewed as any sort of "Liberation" by Rome and it's citizens. Immediately, a series of violent and costly civil wars erupted throughout the City and the Region. 

Eventually, Caesar's chosen heir Gaius Octavius emerged victorious and through various reforms and grabs for power he became the first Emperor of Rome....effectively ending the Roman Republic. 

The "Ides of March" gave birth to one of the most powerful Civilizations in the history of time. A Civilization which, at it's height, occupied a quarter of the world's population.


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