June 08, 2018

No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full"

Lucius Cornelius Sulla 

In Part 1, we discussed Sulla and his initial successes implementing the Marius reforms to the Roman Military. This newsletter is the continuation of Lucius Cornelius Sulla and his 1st marched on Rome. 

After Marius' reforms were implemented, the political landscape in Rome immediately changed.  Power was shifted from the Senate to the Generals who were most successful in battle. These Generals wielded their power and commanded tens of thousands of loyal men.

Sulla was no exception to these circumstances. Being extremely successful in several theaters of war Sulla became popular with his men, and less popular in the political arena with Senates and other politicians. Feeling this threat, Sulla eventually found himself an enemy of Marius, who's political power had grown significantly during this time. Eventually, Marius sought to have Sulla declared enemy of state.

Sulla did not take this to well and decided to march on Rome. He seized the city and had Marius exiled to Africa. However, after growing restless and implementing a few political reforms, Sulla left Rome to fight more wars in Greece and elsewhere. 

To make long story short, Marius seized this opportunity to put himself back in power in Rome. He once again labeled Sulla an outlaw and a traitor to the Roman Republic. Furious, Sulla decided to take his 6 legions back to Rome, however by the time he arrived Marius had died at the old age of 71. Sulla was not able to confront Marius when he returned to Rome for the Second time.

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