March 11, 2018

"Treasure. Bathtub... Treasure bath. I'm going to have a treasure bath! Treasure baaath!" 

- Julius Caesar - History of the World Part 1

(Vercingetorix throws down his arms at the feet of Julius Caesar, by Lionel Royer, 1899)


The "Gallic Wars" refers to the conquering of almost all of Gaul (modern day France) by Julius Caesar, from around 58 -  50  BC.  This expanded the Republic and secured strategic territories which benefited Rome and it's Citizens for many years. 

Most of all the information we have today about these military campaigns is from "Commentaries" written primarily by Caesar.  "Commentāriī dē Bellō Gallicōis one of the most comprehensive pieces of Roman Military history. It is a detailed first person account of Caesar's time in Gaul. We recommend reading it, especially about the "Seige of Alesia" as it reads like a Hollywood script.

While Caesar was able overcome unbelievable odds and Conquer a massive territory such as Gaul, the war was politically complicated. As news of Caesar's successes reached Rome, is was not well received by all the Senators. Many of the tribes that Caesar conquered were allies and tax payers to Rome. His invasion was debated in the Senate for years and eventually deemed illegal by the Republic. Caesar was declared a war criminal and would face exile on his return to Rome.

However, after conquering Gaul, Caesar's did not accept banishment and marched with his veteran Legions to Rome to simply clear his name among political enemies. Eventually through a series of even more complicated civil wars and political infighting, Caesar emerged victorious and then claimed his self the "Perpetual Dictator of Rome".

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