2022 *Mystery* Box

Take a risk to see. We know you won't be disappointed.

We are sending you something completely unknown in both bag type and color. Our Closeout & Standard warranty still applies to all items so you are good to go!

The only thing you can be sure of is value - You will receive MORE than your monies worth of gear so there is nothing to fear, The *Mystery* Box is for the fun and daring!
Note: You will receive ONE of the listed possibilities - Items going into packages will be placed at random and are NOT able to be chosen...That's the point of the *Mystery* Box

    Common Tier (Two Backpacks)

    1. Legion Day Pack (21L) Or Sarcina Expedition (34L)
    2.  Belerian Hip Bag OR Simplex Backpack Or Celeritas  *Any Color For Both Bags*

    Rare Tier  

    1. Phalanx Duty Pack - Any Color

      Legendary Tier  

      1. One Complete Set Of LEVEL III+ Armor! This will include the Vakarian Plate Carrier + 2 ACE LINK III+ PLATES!


        Q: Whats bags will I get?  -  Look Above

        Q: Can I return If I don't like them?  - No that's the point of the box

        Q:  No really, can I return If I don't like them?  - No that's the point of the box

        Q: Is it possible to get multiple boxes of same items? - Yes, it's not common however.

        Q: I GOT MY ORDER IN A MAILER! WTF? - *Mystery* Box is so everyone understands what it is, *Mystery* mailer sounds like an 1980's punk rock band.  It not being in a "Box" has no effect on what you got.  

        Q: I ordered 2 but got them in one box, is that normal? - Yes sometimes the warehouse is able to see two orders and simply combine them into a bigger box. 

        Q: How many armor boxes go out? - It's truly random but the average is around 1-1.5% deping on order load. 

        ACU: YOU'RE ALL SCAM ARTIST! - No, the *Mystery* Box is random.

        ACU: YOU DON'T ACTUALLY SEND OUT ANY ARMOR BOXES! - Yes we do, we've had several people post about it on their social media. Check out our Tik Tok a #CPGgang member even made a video about it. 

        No Returns For Color Or Personal Preference, warranty on gear is still active.