80's Style


for when the cyber zombies invade

Bags and Packs

this time...it's personal


cool off...and keep some cash

Commando Deals

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Think you're done?

The Communist are getting stronger so you need more storage

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You still look like a nerd

Get some threads and and keep fresh

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All of our Prodcuts offer a lifetime warranty. Just in case the druglords get to you first.

Make This A Perfect Gift

Need somone to join your strike team? Cannae makes a great gift


Recieve 24/7 support. We're here to get you in the fight.

Join The Formation Today...

You'll never get a raw deal...


John Jackson

"Losers don't do drugs, but Cannae is how I get physical"

Angela Brill

"I love wearing my totally rad Cannae apparel after my workout VHS. Pop one on and head down to the HI-FI store to hang out with my girls"

Andy Radison

"Cannae is what I use whenever I'm going to school, or orange julius after Karate Lessons"

Sgt.Jake Raptor

"Maxium Force MOTHER FUCKER!"