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Cannae Academy

At Cannae Academy, you will be greeted by individuals who are grateful for the opportunity to share with you what they have learned along the way so that your road will be smoother than theirs.  We believe in the sanctity of individual sovereignty and that it is a moral obligation to win. To those ends, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our fellow citizens with proven skills in a format suited to those who want to learn and in an environment accessible to everyone who shares our commitment to serving others.

In all of the courses, students will learn mechanics necessary for us to reach our immediate objectives.  However, at Cannae Academy, we value the mental over the physical since it is our decision about when and how to use our gear that precedes everything we do with it.  

Subsequently, students in our core courses learn tools that focus their will and improve their abilities to lead in life threatening situations.  Our mental processes will enhance your ability to lead in any high-stress environment.  We believe that there is a universality to critical decision making, so that the better we become across a spectrum, the more prepared we will be when it is time to use our skills

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