Closeout *Mystery* Box

Take a risk to see. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

We are sending you something completely unknown in both bag type and color. Our Closeout warranty still applies to all items so you are good to go! The only thing you can be sure of is value - You will receive MORE than your monies worth of gear so there is nothing to fear, The *Mystery* Box is for the fun and daring! Note: You will receive ONE of the listed possibilities - Items going into packages will be placed at random and are NOT able to be chosen...That's the point of the *Mystery* Box

    Common Tier - *A Combo of 2 Bags from the following List*

    1. Iberian Adventure Pack
    2. Sarcina Explorer Pack
    3. Celeritas Roll Top

    Rare Tier - 

    1. Sarcina  or Legion + Swag

    Legendary Tier  

    1. Phalanx Duty Pack +  Swag

      No Returns For Color Or Personal Preference, Closeout warranty on gear is still active.