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"Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics."
- Gen. Robert H. Barrow, USMC

We have all heard of the revolutionary tactics and weapons that soldiers In the age of antiquity used, but we often forget that the famous Ancient Armies of Old where 10 x more innovative in their logistics than in their tactical prudence. The Roman military especially did multiple surveys from their troops to see what gear was needed. More often than not the results were simple. Better ways to carry gear and supplies.

The Roman Consuls and Generals would often issue custom pouches to their troops to help win favor whether it be for Coin, Arrowheads or sometime miscellaneous parts or random Legionnaire Kit, the term "Crumina" which is simple Latin for "Small Pouch" became a common item among the Romans Camps and their Auxiliaries as well.

Here at Cannae we thought of a very standard yet innovative pouch that can carry the little things in your life. Made from 500D cordura, embroidered Velcro fields to ensure durability and an MOLLE attachment strap to be easily mounted to a pack or belt. Whether it be a knife, multi-tool, pistol magazine or what ever else you can fit the Crumina will be there to carry it for you. 

Dimensions – 3” (L) inches – width and height adjustable / 10.8 (L) cm

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