Hydration Bundle

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Smart design, meet peak performance – also known as the Shape-Shift Reservoir. Our time-tested creation for hydration on the go, it can take a serious beating, it fits nicely in most packs and it’s fully reversible for easy cleaning. Durable, dependable form and function. The 36” flexible HydraFusion drink tube insulates in hot weather and protects in tough conditions. The high-flow bite valve not only has a dust cover, but it self-seals and features a twist on/off bar to prevent leaks. Ready when you are.

  • Insulated Tube
  • High Flow
  • Easy To Clean
  • Heavy Duty

    This will be the Hydration Bladder included with our Hydration deals on our Hydration capable products. 

    Save $10 by pairing this combo with the Legion, Phalanx, Celeritas and Iberian. 

    • Shape Shift 3L Bladder W/Insulated Hose
    • American Flag Patch
    • Motley Tube
    • Ready Action Holster

    Capacity: 3L/70 fl ox

    Dimensions: 340 mm / 13.3 in x 165 mm / 6.4 in

    Weight173 g / 6.1 oz