PSD *Mystery* Box

Take a risk to see. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

We are sending you something completely unknown in both bag type and color. Our Closeout & Standard warranty still applies to all items so you are good to go!

The only thing you can be sure of is value - You will receive MORE than your monies worth of gear so there is nothing to fear, The *Mystery* Box is for the fun and daring!
Note: You will receive ONE of the listed possibilities - Items going into packages will be placed at random and are NOT able to be chosen...That's the point of the *Mystery* Box

    Common Tier - *A Combo of 3 Bags from the following List* YES THE COMMON TIER COMES WITH 3 BAGS!

    1. Iberian Adventure Pack 
    2. Sarcina Explorer Pack
    3. Sarcina Canvas Pack
    4. Simplex - (New Addition!)

    Rare Tier  

    1. Sarcina Exp. + Swag

    Legendary Tier  

    1. One Complete Set Of Level III+ Armor!
      No Returns For Color Or Personal Preference, Closeout warranty on gear is still active.