Whether you are walking from your truck to a bench, or have a little distance between you and your hunting blind...The Triplex Acies will get your equalizers there comfortably and securely.

Note: We are using the word: "equalizers" so we don't get flagged by Facebook advertising 

Fabric: Cordura® Nylon

Capacity – 2 Long equalizers+ 2 Full sized equalizers -

C/N Rating – 1,112 Chicken Nugs

Dimensions: 44" L x 4" H x 13.5" W

Weight – 4.8 lbs / 2.6 Kgs

  • Locking Zippers for Secure Transport

  • Full Zip Body for Complete Access

  • Concealable 12" Barrel Extension 

  • Quick Access Soft-Padded Protective Eye wear Compartment

  • “Super-Grip” Zipper Pullers

  • Over Sized middle pouch for hearing protection storage

  • Compression Straps

  • Top and bottom Easy Grab Drag Handles

  • External Velcro Field

  • Carries up to 4 STANAG magazines in External Pouch

  • Carries up to 8 equalizers magazines in External Pouch

  • Full frame concealable shoulder yoke

  • Removable shoulder sling

  • Removable divider mat inside of bag

  • 48 MOLLE points for individual customization

  • Concealable Barrel Extension for long barreled equalizers


  • Comes with 4 Internal Velcro Straps for Secure Transport 

  • Imported